This post is a two-parter. The first part is an opinion piece while the second part is an instructional video.

The debate rages, well, simmers at my house. Should the toilet paper be placed on the holder so the paper rolls from the top or from the bottom? My wife, Kathy, feels toilet paper should roll off the top of the roll for whatever reason. Many years ago I read somewhere that toilet paper should be placed on the holder so that paper rolls from the bottom. The reason for the bottom roll is that if you have any small children in your home if he or she at an early age ambles into your bathroom and pats a little hand repeatedly on the toilet paper roll you might find the entire roll on the floor. By placing the paper with the roll originating from the bottom they can stroke the paper all day and it will end with their frustration. Paper doesn't roll off on to the floor therefore I think my way is superior. Given we have no small children in the house Kathy says I should change my toilet paper changing ways. Ha! We have grandchildren who visit.

Now that I've discussed the reasoning behind the way I reload toilet paper I will take you to view a training video created by a dad in Australia to teach his kids how to load paper when faced with an empty toilet paper holder. He says this will be the first of many training videos he will produce and share it on social media because talking to them face-to-face hasn't worked. I agree that kids seem to be learning less and less from their parents with each passing generation so I think he may have the right idea. Click the link below to watch his short video to see if he's on to something and let us know what you think. Maybe topics for our own locally produced training videos even.