Since Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl are basically in the same week as Valentine's Day this year, we are trying really really hard to get in the mood for love! As far as Valentine's Day goes, some people love it, some people hate it, some just think it's a made up holiday for the candy, flower and card industries. Whatever your relationship status is for today, we've got you covered, as far as movies go, at least. My top pick for 'Awwwwww'' is 2004's 'The Notebook', but if you're in the 'Just Shoot Me Now, because I'm spending today alone' mood, how about 2010's 'Blue Valentine' or 2007's 'Knocked Up', if for nothing but the comic relief.

Check out the list of 'relationship appropriate' movies for you to watch today, or check out some of my favorites below. And if you are strictly in the lovey dovey mode - here's 25 really, really romantic movies for you and your sweetie.  Oh, and pass the box of chocolates, would you?


2010 - 'Valentine's Day' - Even Taylor Swift appeared in this one

1990 - 'Wild at Heart' - Sex, murder, chasing mobsters, and more sex

2008 - 'Marley and Me' - puppy love at it's finest

2002 - 'Monsters Ball' - love can conquer incredible odds

From 1997 - 'Titantic' - Really, what could be more romantic than 'I'm King of the World!!!!"