Video posted yesterday to Facebook by Troy Dakin from Jefferson, Louisiana is going viral on social media. The video shows a reportedly special needs student being hit in the face by another student at Riverdale Middle School in Jefferson.

There is no information about what happened leading up the start of this video, or any information about any of the students shown.

As of now, I'm seeing multiple stories about this video. Some people say the kid isn't special needs, some people say he is and that he routinely picks fights with other students.

I have a little experience when it comes to special needs kids and to me, he displays some behavior that is indicative of a child with possibly some form of autism. Again, this just my opinion and observation.

I'm sure as the day goes on, Riverdale Middle School will be flooded with calls and questions, and hopefully more information will become available.

When it doesn't, I'll let you know.

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