I know what you said, but what did you mean? Words without facial expressions and body language are often misinterpreted. Here at the radio station we fall victim to that fact quite a bit.

Many times you will hear what we say but because you can't see our body language you might misunderstand our real meaning.

The same holds true for text messages. Actually, intent is even harder to grasp when it comes to a text message. Since women are natural investigators text messages from men are often subject to scrutiny beyond the words on the screen.

There is actually a website that will "interpret" what a man actually meant by the words on his text. If you're wondering if he really likes you or is just trying to hook up this might be a solution for you. If you're wondering if he is ready to get serious or still playing the field you might find this website useful too.

The site also allows you to ask questions and get answers from both men and women about your relationship. Sometimes an outside anonymous source can offer better guidance than a friend who is too close to your situation.

Personally I think you shouldn't rely on text messages to determine the status of your relationship. I think a face to face meeting is always the best. If your friend doesn't appear to want a face to face meeting then you can probably figure out that the relationship is going to stop right there.

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