When Mercury is in retrograde, the whole world goes into a state of confusion. You may feel abnormal anxiety, frustration, delay in your thought process or even hostility until the beginning of June and not realize why. When Mercury is doing her thing, it could be hard to do yours.

In the weirdest move on this planet, Kraft Mayo is offering "Mayo Readings" until June 2. Get this, Kraft has hired comedian David Ebert to give the first ever "Mayo Readings" to anyone who wants one.

Here at Kraft Mayo, we champion those who revel in their individuality, and the introduction of the world’s first Mayo Reader allows us to celebrate the uniqueness of Kraft Mayo lovers down to the way they spread their favorite condiment,” Kraft Real Mayo Brand Manager Frances Sabatier said in a statement. “Kraft Mayo is also all about standing up for love of mayo and other things that might be seen as polarizing. That’s why we’re diving headfirst into the controversial cultural debate around astrology with the introduction of Mayo Readings. -Kraft

There are two ways you can get a free reading. One is by sharing a photo of your bread covered in mayonnaise to TikTok (@RealKraftMayo) or post a photo or video on Twitter and tag it @RealKraftMayo.

Initially, Kraft was offering up Mayo Horoscopes through May 26, but it looks like they'll be taking them through June 2, 2022, because of the overwhelming response.

I don’t even like mayo but maybe I do now. -Felipe Triana


Perfect example of a company understanding an audience. -Spicy


Mayo’s marketing team needs a raise! -Emmaline


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