This may actually be our favorite travel invention, but there are many, many questions about the practicality of this new suitcase. Introducing the latest creation from Travelmate Robotics. The idea looks great, but can you imagine sharp increase instances of lost bags. Here are my top concerns:

#1. I can't keep up with my kid whose hand i'm holding in a crowded airport. How will I keep up with this bag.

#2. Will this suitcase start following another passenger if they have better treats or another suitcase they can be "friends" with?

#3. What about escalators and people movers. Show me how it would navigate those airport contraptions.

Inventors: keep these awesome contraptions coming. But there have been many creations that never exactly caught on. Segways as a reasonable means of communication and Crystal Pepsi are just two futuristic things that people just couldn't accept. But, good for you. Keep on inventing.

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