You have to admire President Obama's focus.  If you admire campaigning that is.  Aside from 100 rounds of golf during the past three and a half years the President seems to spend more time campaigning than working.

It seems to me that President Obama feels like he can't get anything done in Washington so he'll spend his time somewhere else.  Maybe he thinks he can get more done as a lame duck?  Highly doubtful!  Should the man be re-elected he will spend the next four years trying to pass more legislation that won't stand a chance of passing.  He might also try to curry favor with Vladimr Putin instead of working with Congress.

I guess at this point I should say "short story - long".  I'm getting to my point.  The President has missed more than fifty percent of his daily intelligence briefings!  More than fifty percent of the time the President has felt it more important to campaign or play golf than to actually learn what is going on in the world around him.  I wonder how many of the recent briefings have been about possible unrest in the Mid-East due to a movie filmed in America that criticizes the Muslim prophet Mohammed.  If he had been briefed on possible unrest might the President have been able to warn our diplomats and embassy guards to be extra vigilant.  Might the President of the United States prevent the murder of four American citizens doing their duty?  If the President had done his duty and attended intelligence briefings that focus on foreign policy could he have prevented the death of a U.S. Ambassador and three others?  I'm not sure if he could have prevented their deaths but the perception of him doing his job would have been significant.

The 13 minute trailer for the film 'Innocence of Muslims' was first published on YouTube in July 2012.  There is no doubt in my mind that somebody in the National Security Agency heard of the film and passed that along to the person responsible for the daily intelligence briefings.  I would bet somebody in the White House knew of the YouTube trailer.  The President might have known about it if he not missed so many briefings!

President Obama has already wasted more than three and a half years in office I wish he would just sit out the time until he moves out in January of 2013.