There is the real reason for Easter and then there are the made up reasons for Easter.

Believe it or not in most cases there is usually a common thread the runs between the two. Have you ever wondered why we dye eggs at Easter? There are many references made in The Bible around the time of Easter regarding colored eggs. According to one legend Simon of Cyrene after carrying Jesus' cross picked up his bag of eggs to see that they had changed color.

Another story related to the coloring of eggs suggests that when Mary Magdalene told the Roman Emperor that Christ had risen from the grave he reportedly scoffed.  "Christ has not risen, no more than that egg is red." Then the egg he was pointing at miraculously turned red. That's according to Christianity Today. 

There are other traditions outside of faith based traditions that you've probably experienced too. For example why a rabbit and not a chicken to deliver those eggs? And who is it that eats all those black jelly beans?

Personally the thought of hunting Easter eggs is about as much fun as the thought of being 10 minutes late for work and looking for my car keys. I don't get the drama. If I wanted to be frustrated by things that I can't find I would look for home office deductions while I do my taxes.

Another disappointment of the secular Easter season is the hollow chocolate bunny. I like chocolate and when you see a chocolate bunny has been left in your basket it is a very good feeling. That feeling is soon erased by the realization that what looked like a solid two pounds of chocolate is actually the same weight as a fun size Hershey bar because most of your bunny and most of your money was spent on air.

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