Today's edition of Winging It Wednesday once again featured Carol Ross, Warren Caudle and Mike Stagg discussing national issues.  The three found some agreement, but for the most part, they collided on three issues.

Today's "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" featured our panelists talking about the following issues:

  • House Democrats may release a report today on the botched gun trafficking operation known as Fast and Furious.  It reportedly finds the Obama administration wasn't to blame for the failed program aimed at taking down Mexican drug cartel soldiers and leaders.The Standard & Poor's ratings agency is warning it may downgrade "a number of highly rated" G20 countries in the next few years.  The agency says that's what could happen if certain governments don't control rising health care spending.  An S&P report cites the U.S., Japan and developed nations in Europe.A bill to ban lawmakers from insider trading has cleared a procedural hurdle in the Senate.  The measure would prohibit members from making stock transactions based on non-public information they may get in Congress.  The House is considering a similar bill.

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