Panelists Warren Caudle and Carol Ross discuss the following topics:

  • Comedian Kathy Griffin is taking D-list to a whole new level with a picture depicting a Trump beheading. Is there a double standard with this President? (Griffin has since apologized.)
  • Michael Flynn is cooperating and Jared Kushner now seems to be the focus of the Trump-Russia investigation. Sources say he’s been told to lay low for now. But the question remains: if there was collusion, why would Kushner be involved in setting up a secret channel?
  • There are indications that Trump is set to roll back some of Obama’s policies in Cuba. What does it mean for our country and our state who has put a lot of stock in the trade possibilities?
  • Monuments are gone and life appears to be going on in New Orleans. Now, several other cities have said they will follow the city’s lead and take down their monuments. Thoughts?

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