Stephanie Coutee was probably looking forward to seeing a few interesting things at Mardi Gras, but she had no idea it would be this.

Coutee posted a video from an Alexandria Mardi Gras parade and as the clip opens a woman drops her pants and pulls up her shirt, exposing herself to the crowd waiting along the barricades. Coutee posted the video, describing the shocking scene as she recorded.

Eventually, the woman pulled her pants up but not before police took notice. Authorities quickly apprehended the woman who tried to get over the barricades but was unsuccessful in getting away.

According to Rapides Parish arrest records, there were no arrests related to indecent exposure over the weekend but there is also no confirmation that the woman was actually processed by police either.

Many commenting on Facebook were shocked as the clip quickly went viral, but some suggested the woman may be mentally ill. Courtney Pelt said she recognized the woman from a confrontation she had with her earlier that day at a local Walmart.

This is the same person that got all up in my face screaming at Walmart by the mall today. If she really has all these problems that is being said then she needs to have more supervision then what is being given. She's gonna get into real trouble if she keeps acting the way she was today. If my 3 year old son would have been on my hip when she pulled that shit today on me, the cops would have been called and she would have been going to the hospital. I don't take chances for anybody when it comes to me and mine #sorrynotsorry

Others were upset that their children were exposed to this at what is usually known as a family-friendly parade. Debra Rowles says it's why she avoids parades altogether.

This is the reason I don’t go to any Of this stuff. This is awful sad that grown people act like this. Sad that poor kids have to be exposed to this kind of behavior.

We'll update this story with any developments.

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