Today marks two years since the shooting death of Alton Sterling by former Baton Rouge Police Officer Blane Salamoni. Since then legislation was passed to address the gap in trust between some Louisiana communities and law enforcement.

State Representative Ted James says they’ve had initial success with programs aimed at increasing training for cops on how to interact with communities they serve.
"It's the curriculum that I get a lot of calls about when I see officers in the street, especially new cadets, they are telling me they really appreciate the deeper dive into what's happening in the community," said James.
James says while the new, diverse group of cadets entering the force is showing great promise, he’s concerned by the attitudes of veteran officers who’ve resisted the changes.
"There are very little consequences for those officers who are out there who make some negligent mistakes or commit an intentional action, it doesn't seem like the officers are facing any real discipline there," said James.

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