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The people of Louisiana have a lot of unique and very specific talents.  For example, looking in the pantry to find it mostly bare would tell most people they're going to be eating out tonight - but in the Bayou State, we take it as a challenge to make something delicious out of next to nothing!  How do you think we got gumbo, jambalaya, and the rest of the cobbled-together dishes this state is so known for?  That my friend is talent! 

Mandarin Duck In Central Park Continues To Draw Curious Crowds
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In that same vein, we'll make a contest out of just about anything.  One of those obscure (to the rest of the world) talents is coming to the forefront later this month in the tiny, South Louisiana town of Gueydan.  According to the report from Crowley Today, the Gueydan Civic Center will be hosting the 51st annual Louisiana State Duck and Goose Calling Contest on Sunday August 29th.

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Before you go and try your hand at calling waterfowl, just know you will be going up against the best.  This contest is serious - organizers have set up several categories and sub-categories for each calling contest.  They include junior, intermediate, and senior divisions of different types of calls - including a separate competition for those who have mastered the call of the Specklebelly!

Before you set out on your duck call domination tour, just know this isn't the big dance for callers - it's a preliminary.  Winners will be eligible to compete on the world stage for all of the glory at the World Duck Calling Contest in Stuttgart, Arkansas, in November.

If you want to quack with the pros, you'd better brush up your call game.  To register for the contest and/or to find out more, call event chairman Robbie Lounsberry at 337-223-0704.

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