The Gleason Group posted a HUGE announcement for Youngsville on social media today: Waffle House is coming!

This is the first Waffle House for the rapidly growing Youngsville and, according to the post, it will be located between Taco Bell and O'Reilly's Auto Parts.

Why is there a Waffle House coming to Youngsville? Well, with the number of hurricanes we have in Louisiana, it could be to help with the Waffle House Index.

Or it could be that Youngsville doesn't have many breakfast choices outside of McDonald's, Taco Bell, Sonic, KK's, Rickey Meche's Donut King, CC's Coffee, NuNu's, Rouse's, Smoothie King, Home Cut Donuts, Keller's, Cajun Market Meats, Geaux Fresh, a spattering of convenience stores, and my kitchen.

The Gleason Group, led by the incomparable David Gleason, made the announcement via Facebook today:

Moments after the announcement, the comments began. Some people are VERY excited about the sweet sticky goodness of a waffle restaurant coming to town. Others are a little "meh" about the prospect.

Take, for example, the LeJeunes. It sounds like they won't have far to drive to get their fix:

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Others bring up the subject of class, which I find interesting. Madison Davidson assumes the Youngsville Waffle House is going to be better and (some) others, while Pam Martin is really excited about that prospect:

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Some espouse opinions on the quality of other, currently existing restaurants:

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"KK's ain't open at 3am." - great point, Casey Courville.

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Another said he considers Waffle House "trashy", and was immediately called out on that comment:

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Scrolling through more of the comments, though, it appears that many people are excited about Waffle House coming to town.

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At the time of this writing, the post had 61 comments, with most of them being in English. There is one Spanish-typing couple who appear to be just as excited:

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If you don't speak Spanish, do what I did: I called my brother because he has a friend in Ohio whose sister used to work for a lady whose father was in the military with a guy who had an exchange student in school with him. After 7 phone calls, I typed "en la esquina" into Google Translate and found out it means "on the corner".

Which corner? I don't know, because the post says that the restaurant is going to be built on Hwy 92 between Taco Bell and O'Reilly's.

Google Maps

As more comments get added to the page, the more excited people seem to be about the prospect of a Waffle House coming to Youngsville.

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Some of these comments made me think about my days working at Scandal's in the Hotel Acadiana: after work, we'd head to the Shoney's next door (2:30 am or so) and (try to) have breakfast with all of the drunkards (borrachos) who had just walked over from the club.

This Waffle House is just a few blocks from Dewey's and Corner Bar, so it should do fairly well late-night on the weekends!

I am looking forward to the addition of a breakfast joint in Youngsville (I use the term "joint" in an endearing manner). Omelets, bacon, eggs, grits, toast, ham, and WAFFLES!!!

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about the announcement?

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