Business owners in Youngsville are hoping to track down the man who helped himself to their company dumpster.

Amy Breaux owns Dress Code Lafayette, a boutique located on Lafayette Street in downtown Youngsville. When she pulled into work on Tuesday morning, she noticed there were items sticking out of the top of her dumpster.

Upon closer inspection, Breaux realized someone had dumped multiple rolls of carpet, waste, and debris into her dumpster (which was cleaned out when she last left her business as it had just been emptied the day before).

To be clear, this wasn't someone just throwing away a bag of trash or tossing some litter into the closest dumpster nearby. Once the Dress Code Lafayette owners checked the surveillance camera it was clear that someone who did work on some type of job site completely unloaded the rolls of used carpet and other materials into their dumpster.


Breaux says the man was near the Dress Code Lafayette dumpster long enough for nearby neighbors to ask him if he had permission to dump to which he told them "yeah, I'm doing work here."

The tan/silver pickup truck looks like an older model Chevrolet extended cab with Texas plates. A man can clearly be seen dumping his waste into the Dress Code Lafayette dumpster until it reaches full capacity.

Dress Code Lafayette pays close to $150 per month for the Waste Management dumpster, and to add insult to injury, there is a very good chance they may end up being charged extra for the dumpster being overfilled as fees are often associated with things like extra weight or hazardous materials like paint, motor oil, or bulky items like ... ya know ... carpet.

Luckily, Waste Management waved the fee for Dress Code Lafayette (this time) but next time they won't be able to avoid paying an overage. Also, in order for them to get a locked dumpster, the cost is over $200 plus another $215 to remove the current container. Imagine having to pay over $500 as a result of someone else's inconsiderate actions?

Last but not least, it's actually illegal "to dump trash in dumpsters placed on private property unless given explicit permission by the owner of the dumpster to do so." This goes for commercial dumpsters at businesses as well as construction sites and other types of trash receptacles on private property.


Usually, illegal dumping is punishable by fines of $500+ and even jail time is possible. Laws usually vary by municipality.

Police are aware of the incident and are currently investigating, but in the meantime, if you recognize the truck and/or the person you can reach out to the Youngsville Police department.

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