From one roundabout to the next.

About a week ago, the roundabout connecting Savoy Road and Chemin Metairie in Youngsville was fully reopened. As someone who drives in that area every day, it was a project that may have required patience but it has been worth the fixes that were done to improve it. There is so much traffic flow through this roundabout near the Youngsville Sports Complex (pictured in the Facebook update below).

Well, another heavily-used roundabout will undergo construction to redesign and improve it. Down the road from the Chemin Metairie/Savoy Road roundabout is Chemin Metairie's roundabout it shares with Detente Road. That roundabout helped move traffic along while drivers dealt with the Chemin Metairie/Savoy Road roundabout construction.

But, further down the road is the roundabout that connects Chemin Metairie and Guillot Road. If you travel through that roundabout, you know that traffic easily builds up there, especially during peak travel times before and after school.

Well, Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter has announced that the Chemin Metairie/Guillot Road roundabout will be getting redesigned. In other words, there will be additional lanes added to it!

The construction will require some more patience as it is expected to take 9 months to finish.

Councilman Lindy Bolgiano provided more information in Ritter's Facebook thread, adding that "no road closures (will) be expected" and "The roundabout will be fully functional throughout this process. We’re about to start design phase and then we’re still a year out from construction."

Facebook Screenshot
It's construction that is welcome to many residents in Youngsville, who already are excited for when the project will be completed.

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