A Senate Judicary Committee approves House-passed legislation to ban all sales of synthetic marijuana, and "bath salts" that are snorted like cocaine. Ronald Porche with the State Police Crime Lab, says chemists who make synthetic marijuana have already gotten around a law passed last year; one that banned the chemical used in the substance. 

Bill sponsor Ricky Templet, of Gretna, says his bill has language that will hopefully stay ahead of chemists, who circumvented last year's "syntha-weed" law by simply changing their formula. Templet says that formula is sprayed on smokeable herbs and sold to users. He says it's euphemistically marketed as "incense". 

Templet's bill also encompasses sales of exotic "bath salts", which he says people use like cocaine or crystal meth.

No one spoke in oppositions and the committee unanimouslyvoted to report Templet's bill favorably and send it to the Senate floor for final legislative passage.