If you grill out often, you may think that you've seen it all, heard about it all and tasted it all.  After you hear from our guest on Food Friday, you might just think again.

Clayt Casselman has put together, with lots of help from his wife, a sauce that is a combination of  the best of Kansas City style barbecue and Cuban influences.  Casselman spoke with us on the Afternoon Drive Home and talked about how Caribbean Cowboy Barbecue Sauce got started,

I was just throwing together things in the kitchen, seeing what I could do for a sauce and my wife, being Cuban, came over and tried it.  She goes, 'Mmm, kind of bland.'...She went and got her Cuban spices and started adding it in there and gave it a world of different flavors.

From that point, Casselman and his wife began to sell it to friends and found that the word was getting out about what they were doing.  Demand was up and a business was born.  Casselman has since built a commercial kitchen and has worked on a couple of other sauces to go with the original.  One uses habanero peppers and another uses ghost peppers.  Of the sauce that uses the ghost peppers, Casselman said that the heat will have an impact,

It will definitely encourage beer drinking.

You can check out what they do at their website and you can listen to the complete conversation below: