Luckily security came with it.

A golden cube worth an estimated $11.7 Million showed up in New York's Central Park and now a lot of folks are asking where it came from.

Well, the cube, which showed up with its own security detail, after it was constructed by an artist named Niclas Castello.

The cube is reportedly about knee-high and weighs just over 400-pounds. It is made of 24-carat gold.

KTLA reports that the code is all part of the promotion for the Castello Coin, an NFT set to launch later in February.

If this gold cube is on the move, do you think we can get someone to drop it off at Moncus Park in Lafayette for a week? Ok, maybe not.

Here's a photo of the cube that has shown up in Central Park and as you can see the cube isn't as big as some photos make it out to be.


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