It's radiothon time at KPEL and we are doing our part today, asking members of our generous Acadiana listening community to once again open your hearts and wallets, and give to an organization that is truly worthy of your support. Home for the Holidays brings together local builders and craftsmen to give away a home to benefit numerous community charitable organizations.

Today on "Mornings with Ken and Bernie", we've heard from many Acadiana community leaders who have shared their personal stories and explained why they believe Home for the Holidays is more than worth your support and generosity.

Vicky Boudreaux of Acadiana Youth explained some of the work her organization does and how purchasing a raffle ticket benefits the troubled children of Acadiana.

The real key is that the kids feel so broken, and our job is to help them understand that they can be changed by what has happened to them, but it doesn't have to define them. Our roll is trying to rewrite the tapes that have been written their whole lives, and try to help them find some hope for the future.



Billi Lacombe of Faith House explained the support her organization gives to women who are victims of domestic violence.

We offer them empowerment, support, domestic violence education, and really try to build that woman back up to give her that strong self esteem again to go out and accomplish the things she needs to get her life back together.




Melinda Taylor for Habitat for Humanity explained how Home for the Holidays has benefited Habitat for Humanity, and in-turn the Acadiana community over the years.

We're getting ready finish up a subdivision that we've been working on for about 2-3 years and Home for the Holidays has been instrumental in helping us finish houses in the neighborhood. When this is all over we're going to have 32 homes with families living in them.



Jonathan Linzer of St. Michael Center for Veterans talked about the services his organization provide to the Veterans and homeless of Acadiana.

St. Michael Center for Veterans is an emergency and transitional housing program for up to 20 homeless male veterans with supportive services, including substance abuse recovery, access to mainstream services, education, employment and housing placement, operating in conjunction with the VA Medical Center in Alexandria, Louisiana.


To purchase a Home for the Holidays raffle ticket that will in-turn bennefit these great organizations above, please call into the KATC TV-3 call center at 236-6333.