Louisiana was in the national spotlight throughout 2016 for everything from historic floods to state lawmakers making jokes about strippers. Jackson Representative Kenny Havard proposed an amendment to a sex trafficking bill that suggested strippers must be younger than 28 and weigh less than 160 pounds.
Even after an uproar from female legislators calling the joke sexist, Havard refused to apologize for the amendment, saying he never mentioned women.

“I didn’t say anything about women. This was a totally neutral amendment. It didn’t mention men. The Chippendales can’t strip if they’re over 160 pounds,” Havard said.

Perhaps even more bizarre was when Pamela Anderson suggested that prisoners at Angola should be fed a vegetarian diet. Spokesperson for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Dan Matthews, said not only is a vegetarian diet healthier for the inmates, it could also save the state money.

“Louisiana has more inmates than anywhere else in the country. So that coupled with the budget crisis points a lot of problems solved with this proposal,” Matthews said.

This year a special graduation ceremony was also held for a high school senior who was not allowed to walk in his school’s ceremony because he refused to shave his facial hair. Co-organizer of the event, Pastor Roosevelt Wright said Andrew Jones was the valedictorian at Amite High School, and it was incomprehensible that he was denied this privilege because of his beard.

“He never made a B throughout his entire high school career. He also played multiple sports and was their start athlete. He worked a job. He was on several student organizations. He also has a baby,” Wright said.