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Garry Brodhead, Ragin' Cajuns head women's basketball coach but how did he get to where he is today? What path did he take? Was this the path he thought he would end up on?

There are so many questions on this journey we call life and Garry Brodhead didn't take the conventional route to get to where he is today, his adventure is very unique.

From his younger days of playing baseball and basketball growing up to being offered to play on the UL baseball team but instead sticking with pole vaulting to developing fundamentals of girls in Biddy Basketball.

There are so many layers to his story and last Friday I got the opportunity to get him on the phone for an hour so he could have the platform to tell his story, the whole story.

He's a man who's had to deal with loss and tragedy in his life as well. If you've met him you know how gracious of a person he is and why he's been so successful in life. I'm proud to call him a friend and get the opportunity to cover his program as they continue to strive for basketball greatness with a foundation of fundamentals.

Brodhead will be entering his ninth season at the helm for the Cajuns and after a postseason cut short last year he owns an overall record of 135-121.

Take a listen to our conversation:


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