A woman in Missouri learned a very costly lesson.

We've all done it before: forgot an aerosol can in our vehicles (or maybe had one fall out of a bag) and later found it was exposed to South Louisiana heat. Most of us probably didn't have the experience a Missouri woman recently had. Christine Bader Debrecht took to Facebook to share the shocking damage done by a can of dry shampoo left on the dash of her daughter's car. The can exploded and shattered the vehicle's sun roof. Debrecht posted pics of the damaged roof and can as a reminder to not leave aerosol cans in direct sunlight. She said her daughter was thankfully unhurt but warned that some dry shampoo brands seem to have a greater sensitivity to heat.

This is also a good time to remember not to leave a water bottle in your car, especially on the dash or anywhere it can get direct sunlight for a long period of time. The water can act as a lens that focuses sunlight and can lead to a fire.

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