NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers will play quarterback next season, but will it be with the only team he has played for in his 17-year professional career?

Appearing on the Pac McAfee Show, Rodgers opened up the conversation to let everyone know, he has made no decision about his future yet.

"There will be no news today on my future," Rodgers said. "No decision on my future today."

Rodgers interview with McAfee was highly anticipated, as many expected him to provide clarity regarding his future.

In some ways, he did, pointing out his conversations with the Green Bay Packers brass after the offseason was better than they were in the past.

How were they better?

"I'm not going to get into specifics (about my frustrations with the Packers in the past," said Rodgers. "But, a lot of it was about communication."

After sending out an Instagram message at midnight that read like a high school yearbook farewell, speculation on where Aaron Rodgers will play next season continued its rampant pace.

While many dissected the message, Rodgers says there's nothing to dissect.

"There's nothing cryptic about gratitude," explained Rodgers, who detailed a 12 day cleanse he just wrapped up yesterday.

"When I come out (of the cleanse), there's just an intense gratitude for the people in my life."

Rodgers, a 4-time NFL MVP, has been one of the league's best players over the last 14 years.

"I don't think you're going to get any headlines (from this interview) today," Rodgers told McAfee, who laughed in response, reminding Rodgers he always makes headlines.

Having only made and won one Super Bowl has been a critique against him, as Green Bay has come up short in the playoffs on numerous occasions, including last January when they fell as the #1 seed to the #6 seed San Francisco 49ers.

With the spotlight on him today, Rodgers made a point to praise the women, wives, and significant others of NFL players and coaches, detailing how difficult it is for them.

Rodgers was recently engaged to actress Shailene Woodley, but the couple reportedly split after nearly two years together.

He made it a point to thank her in his IG post, as well as on the Pat McAfee Show.

So what comes next for Aaron Rodgers?

Where will he play next? You can check out the betting odds here.

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