Obama tells Boehner, "We don't have a spending problem."

Social Security is worse than anyone realizes.

Senator Lindsey Graham says that Congress should all be fired if they can't solve the deficit problem.

Democrats could be looking for $1 Trillion in new taxes.

New tax increases brought on by fiscal cliff deal anger some that supported the President.

Coup against Speaker Boehner involved many and some even claim that former Congressman Jeff Landry was involved.

The payroll tax hike has blown out any wage gains that were made in 2012.

Brent Musburger has an unusual moment during the National Title Game.

Current TV staffers are not happy with Al Gore.

Man charged after he videotaped sheriff's deputies under HIPPA laws.

Father hired gamers to "kill" his son in online games because he thought his son spent too much time playing games.

Student who refused to wear RFID tag to school loses court battle.

Joe Biden suggests that executive order could change gun rights.  There are several ideas being considered to check background among thoughts being considered.

$1 Trillion coin?  White House hasn't said no yet.

NRA convinced that the White House wants to attack the second amendment.

Think Romney was rich?  Al Gore now has more money than the former Massachusetts Governor.



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