Harry Reid blames military deaths on sequester.

Dad gets in "trouble" over picture of his son with a gun.

Jay Leno calls NBC execs "snakes."

Pope Francis officially installed.

Thieves steal copper roof...from a church.

White House map of Israel looks like it might be missing a few things.

Obama plants a tree in Israel, they dig it up.

Department of Education is making sequester cuts...while they create a new six-figure job.

Rush thinks that there is one conservative that Democrats fear more than anyone else.

Congress is forcing Saturday delivery on the Postal Service.

Biden strikes again, this time saying Gabby Giffords was "mortally wounded."

University of Tennessee pulls funding for "sex week."

CVS forces employees to reveal weight and other health info as part of health insurance.

John Fleming reportedly considering run for Senate after good internal poll.

Former Saints Star Joe Horn comments on the latest NFL rule changes.


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