A new show will premiere today on KPEL at 1:00 pm following Fox News Sunday. It will air in this time slot every Sunday. American Ground Radio is a Shreveport-based radio show that is focused on Louisiana Politics, Faith, and Family. It originates from Townsquare Media station 101.7 FM, 710 AM KEEL. The hosts, Stephen Parr and Louis Avallone, are excited to dive into the issues that affect our state. You can stream the show online HERE.

See the full release from the show below:

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Shreveport, LA – American Ground Radio (AGR), a local conservative talk show that originated in north Louisiana, will begin airing on KPEL-Lafayette and WGSO-New Orleans this weekend.  

The show will air live on WGSO at 12:00 P.M. every Saturday. You can listen on WGSO – 990 AM if you are in the New Orleans area or on the TuneIn app

AGR will also air live on KPEL at 1:00 P.M. every Sunday. You can listen on KPEL – 96.5 FM or on KPEL's website. 

American Ground Radio was started by hosts Louis Avallone and Stephen Parr, two patriots who got their start in the talk show business because they sought to make a difference. They believe in holding local leaders accountable, reminding them that they are public servants first. Each individual show covers current events happening in the local market, a quick overview of national news and always ends with a bright spot. 

“We truly believe in the greatness and promise of America and we seek to share our message with other hardworking patriots who mirror our love of country," said host Louis Avallone. “We look forward to joining even more listeners across our state, touching on specific, local issues that affect their daily lives, jobs, families and pocketbooks.”

As AGR continues to expand, throughout Louisiana and the south, each individual show is tailored for the market it is in, remaining focused on local issues and staying true to the original purpose of the show. 

“We have seen the old Tip O’Neill statement ‘all politics is local’ truly come to life throughout our time broadcasting in Shreveport,” said host Stephen Parr. “It has been incredible to see the local response to the empowering message we share each and every day.  Government power comes from the people and it’s our responsibility to stand up and fight for the city, state and nation we want to live in. We know that as this show expands to more cities, that same message will resonate just as strongly in the hearts of those who hear."

This expansion does not impact AGR's current show! They will continue to air nightly at 6:00 P.M. on 710 KEEL in Shreveport. 

If you are interested in scheduling a show or having the hosts as guests on a current show, contact them here

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