Back in August, The Louisiana State Penitentiary announced that it would be canceling the famous Angola Prison Rodeo for the second year in a row.

The news of this cancellation wasn’t really a surprise to people since the number of covid cases in Louisiana were on the rise. However, many people were still disappointed that they would have to miss this yearly tradition yet again.

Since now, the number of covid cases in Louisiana have been declining, The Louisiana State Penitentiary announced that they have created a one-day arts and crafts fair to help make up for the cancellation of the rodeo.

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"Because of waning infection rates and increasing vaccination rates inside our state prisons, we have been able to reopen prisoner visitation and now are able to open the prison to the public," state Public Safety and Corrections Secretary Jimmy Le Blanc said in a news release on Friday.

The one-day arts and craft fair will take place on Saturday, December 4, 2021, from 9 am- 2 pm. There will be the normal items that would be on sale at the Angola Rodeo and will include handmade jewelry, paintings, swings, rockers, tables, and chairs.

To be able to attend the one-day arts and crafts fair visitors will need to show proof of vaccination along with a $5 ticket, that can be purchased ahead of time or at the gate. Children under the age of 14 won’t be allowed to attend the fair at this time.


Tickets are currently on sale on The Angola Prison Rodeo Website.


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