It's "Just My Opinion" but a reality check for many in Washington is way past due. With another budget extension at the eleventh hour it makes you wonder why one of the most important jobs of our Congress was delayed so long and a band aid was applied at the last minute....again.  The democrats say the  republicans are at fault because they would not compromise, but who was in control for the last two years?  Right the democrats!  In addition the White House was occupied by a democrat.  If those facts don't make you wonder about a reality check think about this.  Majority leader Harry Reid in an effort to sway the compromise stressed that the shutdown of the federal government would affect even the Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend in Washington.  Imagine the disappointment of those not able to attend!  Reid should have been more concerned with things that truly paychecks for the young men and women in uniform defending our American way of life!  Some people have been inside the Beltway for way too long and I personally think Harry Reid is the leader of the pack.  I'm Ken Romero and that's "Just My Opinion".