LSU QB Anthony Jennings was arrested Thursday, along with two other football players, for unauthorized entry and simple burglary.

The Advocate reported that the projected LSU starter made the mistake alongside fellow Tigers Maquedius Bain and Dwayne Thomas. The four of them, with several other men, went to a West Campus Apartment on Sunday to allegedly retrieve items stolen from Jennings. A MacBook Air, a Playstation 4 and some shoes. Is that worth it?

Jennings was only charged with unauthorized entry of a dwelling, but this will definitely hurt the aspiring starting quarterback. Not to mention it how bad it looks for a program that had to unveil arrests for four of their players in one day. The charges aren't as serious as Trey Lealaimatafao's recent transgressions, but no arrest is a good arrest.

Head Coach Les Miles suspended Lealaimatafao from the team indefinitely. Will Jennings miss time on the field for his mistakes?

Either way, it's a coach's worst nightmare to deal with off the field issues in the summer. Especially when it involves a starting quarterback. As they say, idol hands are the devil's workshop. The offseason can make or break your wins and losses, even if it has nothing to do with the work on the field.