Today Walt Bennetti of joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' to share his views on the upcoming reality show based on the life of former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards.  Right off Bennetti suggested an alternate title for the A & E program,

I think the show should be called "The Ex-con's Wife" because she wasn't the wife during the time Edwards was governor.  She only became his wife after he achieved the status of ex-con.

Bennetti asked what could be the attraction for a woman in her thirties to marry a man more than twice her age?  Bennetti said,

The irony of this is that Trina Scott Edwards is now the step-mom of Edwards' four children including two of whom are daughters with one of them being a four-time divorcee.  Both of them are over 60 years of age...what kind of motherly advice do you think she can give them?

Bennetti went on to question financing for the project.

I haven't heard yet if Trina Scott Edwards has been approved to receive any of the film tax credits...hopefully we're not sponsoring this indirectly with our tax dollars.

Listen to the interview:

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