Louisiana’s Walgreens shoppers are now facing an unsweet dilemma. The chain's stores are hustling to keep their shelves stocked with the suddenly famous Nice! brand Gummy Mango peelable candy. This tropical treat, priced at only one dollar per bag, has become a must-have item thanks to a viral TikTok sensation.

Introduced in about 2,500 stores last fall, the gummy candy flew under the radar until a glowing review on TikTok turned it into an overnight celebrity. In just four days in January, following the social media shout-out, the entire nation's stock sold out. The impact of influencers has turned these chewy bites into a phenomenon, and now, Louisiana's own are experiencing the frenzy first-hand.

Understanding the demand, Walgreens has put a cap on cravings—limiting online sales to one bag per customer. While some may be disappointed by the move, it’s a necessary step to ensure everyone gets a taste of this viral treat. The good news? The pharmacy giant is expanding the candy's availability to 8,000 stores starting May 22. So, if you haven’t yet gotten your hands on a bag, mark your calendars.

The mango-flavored mania speaks volumes about the power of social media and its influence on our shopping habits. From a quiet release to a national shortage, the Gummy Mango candy is already off to a good start.

Keep your eyes peeled at your local Walgreens, and don’t forget—sometimes, the sweetest things come in limited quantities. Happy snacking!

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