Captain Kip Judice with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office says as new developments are arising in this case, this "potential witness" may have pertinent information.

This person purchased a device that was later used to communicate with Keiosha, or at least with Keiosha's phone. We're looking for him to find out what he did with the device he purchased on that day. Who did he hand it off to? Who did he purchase it for?

Judice says they have been getting several tips that indicate 15-year-old Keiosha is still alive and may be in the Baton Rouge area.

Our belief is based on the number of tips that we have been receiving locally, from people in our community, that say that they have picked up information through a variety of sources, that she may be in the Baton Rouge area. The number of tips in that community are equalling or are greater than what we have in our own community.

There is a $5,000 reward for information that leads to Keiosha's safe return. Keiosha has been missing since April 30th.

Sometimes where there is smoke, there is fire. But certainly we don't want to let that potential go by without having reached out to the community to be on the lookout for her.