Lafayette, Louisiana (KPEL News) - Removing more than 130,000 garbage and recycling carts and then replacing them is a daunting task. Acadiana Waste Services, or AWS, is assuming collection services in Lafayette and the unincorporated areas of the parish, and both the company and Lafayette Consolidated Government have acknowledged that they have experienced "operational hiccups" as they work to establish service to residents.

Acadiana Waste Services won the public bid as the new service provider in October 2022 and preparations have been underway since that time to transition from Republic to AWS.

BC Action News via YouTube
BC Action News via YouTube

Republic Services has been collecting their blue carts since October. AWS began distributing 74,000 of their red and black cans about the same time, but the company didn't start collecting garbage until October 30, as per the contract. Customers were asked to leave the empty blue carts out after that time if they had not yet been collected.

Acadiana Waste Services Truck, Facebook via Lafayette Consolidated Government
Acadiana Waste Services Truck, Facebook via Lafayette Consolidated Government

LCG reports that 80,000 of the blue Republic cans have been collected since Friday, November 10 and collection will continue through Friday, November 17. LCG Environmental Quality Manager Bess Foret is maintaining daily contact with both companies and explains that efforts toward getting all of Republic's carts picked up is a major focus:

I appreciate everyone’s understanding that this is a major transition period. We continue to focus all of our efforts on getting the old carts off the streets while assisting AWS to manage their routes and collection as contracted.

Customers who still have the blue carts should do the following:

  • Leave the EMPTY cart at the road.
  • Place the cart upside down or on its side to assure collection companies that it is empty.
  • Residents with remaining carts after Friday should contact Republic Services to have it removed.

According to the LCG release, AWS is dealing with trash in the Republic carts, while addressing missed collections. AWS President Gus Dugas acknowledged the hiccups that come with transitioning from one provider to another and assures residents that the problems will resolve:

We’d like to thank residents of Lafayette for their patience during this transition. We are working around the clock to improve service and eliminate the challenges that may have impacted your experience with AWS.

Right now, AWS is working to get a one cart to each customer. The company says that residents who requested a second cart or a recycling cart after September 15 will receive them during "the second wave of deliveries." Deliveries take four to six weeks to complete.

Facebook via Acadiana Waste Services

Anyone who needs their cart or carts more quickly can pick them up at the AWS office located at 2107 Carmel Drive in Lafayette.

If you've not done so already, you can request another cart or a recycling cart at the AWS website. There is a $90 rental fee for each additional trash bin, the same as it was for Republic.

Meanwhile, AWS is reassuring customers that all voice mails, phone calls, and web messages have been entered into the system for delivery. You should report any missed collections by dialing 311 or calling AWS directly at 337-205-7710.

About Acadiana Waste Services, LLC

AWS was founded in 2012 and is a locally owned and operated full-service solid waste management company that provides residential, commercial, and roll-off solid waste collection services. AWS has grown to servicing over 2,500 commercial containers and over 15,600 residential homes. Their service area includes seven parishes in the Acadiana region, the Alexandria area, and the BeaumontTexas, area.

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