What's the first thing you notice when you cross the state line into Texas, Arkansas, or even Mississippi? The road just became a lot smoother. Am I right? Well these bumpy out of shape cow paths that we call roadways in Louisiana are the reason you and I are spending more per year on vehicle maintenance than most people in the country do.

According to TRIP, the Transportation Research Group, drivers in Louisiana about $514 in vehicle upkeep because of the poor roadways in our state. Carolyn Kelly who is the Associate Director of the group says that cost is manifest through several different expenditures. Among the expenses that add up because of the road conditions, tire wear, fuel cost, vehicle repair, and accelerated vehicle depreciation.

There is good news for drivers in our part of the state. It's not as bad  here as it is in other places.

In New Orleans, the drivers there lose about $713, Baton Rouge drivers are losing a little over $700, and then in Shreveport, the drivers there are losing about $653 each year.

Kelly's comments were reported in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network. She went on to explain that 36% of the roads in the Shreveport area are considered to be in poor condition. In Baton Rouge 38% of the roadways were reported to be in poor condition. Meanwhile drivers in New Orleans get the worst of it with 42% of their roadways deemed poor.

Kelly hopes this information will serve as a not so gentle reminder to elected officials and to voters that poor choices in transportation cost everybody. It's hoped this information can be used to help those in charge see the economic impact of allowing the public infrastructure to decay over time.


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