Inspectors are wrapping up work on the Atchafalaya Basin bridge, an inspection that is required at least twice a year, according to officials with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

According to Deidra Druilhet, everything about the bridge--substructure, railings, pilings, tresses, girders, pavement, etc.--is inspected to look for any type of "condition changes." These changes are noted, Druilhet said, and repairs or other work is performed to keep the bridge open.

As far as performing the inspections during the day, Druilhet said it was not realistic to perform such an important inspection overnight because plenty of light is needed in order to inspect effectively.

Work on Interstate 49 to the south of Lafayette is progressing as well, according to Druilhet. A design build project for an overpass in the city of Broussard continues, and plans are being made for the interchange at Ambassador Caffery Parkway.

Rights of way for the Interstate 49 connector in Lafayette have already been secured, and work on the project continues behind the scenes.

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