Today Walt Bennetti, political blogger from joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' and discussed among other things:

  • The proposed Hillary Clinton movie
  • 5th District Congressman Rodney Alexander resigning and the short list of possible successors
  • Governor Bobby Jindal claiming that New Orleans is America's comeback city
  • Senator Elbert Guillory's new PAC

When asked if he was shocked by the resignation of 5th District Congressman Rodney Alexander Bennetti replied,

It was a surprise but even more so is the political intrigue behind the timing of it and the fact that the qualifying for the special election is a week from now.  So that doesn't give people a lot of time to get out there and discuss their intentions...Within one day of the announcement Republican State Senator Neil Riser already had a web site up saying he was going to run for Rodney Alexander's seat.

In an opinion piece published over the weekend Governor Bobby Jindal claimed that New Orleans was the nation's 'come back' city.  To that Bennetti responded,

He's right to a certain extent because after Katrina obviously we had a lot to come back from.

Dissecting the Governor's opinion piece Bennetti said,

It (the opinion piece) started out as a 'feel good' piece about the recovery of New Orleans but spiraled quickly into a political piece about everything the Governor thinks he's done for the state of Louisiana...More people are moving to Louisiana than moving out.  Well, yeah because in 2006 everybody moved out.  We lost 100,000 people, we're still down 100,000 in Orleans Parish alone.

Bennetti had kind words for State Senator Elbert Guillory and his recently announced Political Action Committee and you can hear those comments and more by listening to the interview:

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