Walt Bennetti, political blogger ofclickjefferson.com joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and admitted to being one of the few people who actually watched President Obama's inauguration speech.  According to Bennetti the speech itself was 39 minutes but with the buildup and post speech analysis about six hours of airtime was consumed.  Bennetti says he was surprised,

In that the President's focus was more on social issues instead of the economy.  I think if you ask ten people on the street today they'll tell you the biggest problems in the country are the economy and jobs.  I don't know so much that the biggest problems facing the nation are immigration and gay-rights.

Bennetti continued, We need jobs and we need to turn this economy around and I did not hear that in that speech.

According to Bennetti,

We need a leader...that's part of what's wrong with the country is a lack of leadership.  We don't need a "speech maker in chief" we need a leader.

On the subject of singer Beyonce lip-syncing the Star Spangled Banner Bennetti's only comment was,

Beyonce looked hot!

Listen to the interview:

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