Friday will be a big day for veteran Frank Levingston according to a report by KPLC-TV.

Levingston is a World War II veteran who will be 110 years-old on his birthday Friday.

Levingston was one of seven children born to his family in 1905.

The World War II veteran says he is so thankful to be alive, and he remembers the day he joined the U.S. Army, and they day he was discharged.

While Levingston grew up in north Louisiana, he now lives in Lake Charles, and he says he is very thankful that he will be around to celebrate such a big birthday with his family.

Levingston says he was very excited recently to receive a letter from the White House thanking him for his service to our country and congratulating him on his upcoming birthday.

In part the letter read, "We trust you take enormous pride in everything you have accomplished."

A celebration for his birthday is planned for this weekend in Shreveport.