The streets of New York City must be crime free...or Mayor Bloomberg can't stop crime so he's focusing on breasts.  Breast feeding that is.  Under 'Latch On NYC' mothers of newborns will have to ask for bottles of formula and then will have to wait for delivery from a locked and secure location in the hospital.  In addition, mothers will have to listen to a lecture from a nurse about the benefits of breastfeeding.

Admittedly there are many benefits to breastfeeding but do we need to lock up formula?  Can't mothers in New York City decide what's best for them and their babies?  Some mothers can't breastfeed for one reason or another.  Some babies can't seem to get the hang of breast feeding and need a bottle.  Should those mothers be forced to buzz for a nurse, wait for the pharmacy to unlock the nearly contraband formula and then listen to the nurse drone on and on about how much better a mother she would be if she breastfed her child?

New York City, where abortions are available on demand with no questions asked will soon make it a crime to bottle feed your child!  New York City, with one of the highest gun related crime rates in the world will soon make it a crime to bottle feed your child.  New York City, with almost as many unfilled pot-holes as people will soon make it a crime to bottle feed your child.  What's wrong with this picture?  I'll tell you what's wrong.  New York City government led by Nanny Michael Bloomberg can't fix the real problems with their city so they manufacture crimes they think they can enforce.  They've regulated how restaurants cook French fries, regulated oversized sweet drinks and now they want to regulate baby feeding.

I think Nanny Bloomberg should work harder at trying to solve the real problems faced by the City That Never Sleeps than stick his nose into the private lives of it's citizens.  I wonder if Bloomberg was breast or bottle fed?  Does he have fantasies about being breast fed?  Just wondering.

Oh, last minute information from says "hospitals that participate will be eligible for federal funding'.  I think I'm beginning to get the picture.