Lafayette Congressman Charles Boustany's wife Bridget is describing accusations against him concerning prostitutes as "false attacks".

Supporters of the Congressman were sent an email from Bridget Boustany yesterday that did not use the word prostitution, but said that she was defending him against people who "called his character into question".

In his book "Murder in the Bayou", author Ethan Brown claims the Congressman Boustany was involved with prostitutes in Jefferson Davis Parish.

Brown says three anonymous sources claim that Boustany was involved with some of the women.

Brown does not alleged that Boustany has anything to do with the women's murders. Eight Jeff Davis Parish women were murdered between 2005 and 2009.

Bridget Boustany says she does not believe the allegations, and she says it is simply away for detractors to disrupt her husband's bid for the U.S. Senate seat that is up for grabs.

Boustany's campaign emphatically denies the claims of author Ethan Brown.

We have been calling sources since Friday, but have yet to find any definitive link independently.

Boustany's campaign says the allegations are completely false, and that quote, "We are confident the people of Louisiana will see these lies for the political tabloid fodder they are."