On NewsTalk 96.5's 'Brand Buzz' this week Jaci Russo discussed the importance of 'metrics' for small business.

When asked if smaller companies should be that concerned with 'metrics' Russo said,

It's interesting you know, I see the bigger corporations really drilling down on it and feeling like that's how they're going to validate their expenditures and answer stock holders, etc. And so what we looked for was people that you know are more like people we're with everyday...At the end of the day they don't spend a ton of time measuring ROI. They're using social media purely for the engagement. They believe in the purity of it. It's about having a conversation.

Many business owners ask how much they should spend on social media and according to Russo,

You can't treat it like TV and radio because that's a one way street. You can't treat it like having someone in the store where you're actually talking to them truly 'one on one'.  You have to find that sweet spot right in the middle where you can conversations with people on line.  Where you can drive engagement.

In closing Jaci said,

We've got to really get back to using social media to talk to people, to engage your fans, to build your brand.


To listen to the entire conversation click on the blue arrow below:


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