Former - St. Landry Parish Sheriff Captain Clay Higgins has asked his friend, Father Theodore Broussard of St. Brigid Catholic Church in Lawtell, to share a public statement on recent events via Facebook. Fr. Broussard has granted KPEL permission to share this statement as well. Captain Higgins' statement is a response to questions from a Mr. Veillon.

Fr. Theodore Broussard:

Captains Higgins asked me to share this first public statement to all you. It is a response to critics and the false statements made about him. I might add that he did not attack the character of the sheriff in public or private, much more than I can say of the sheriff's image control parade of accusations. Here it is:

Captain Higgins:

Mr. Veillon, Sir, respectfully, when I return from sequestered prayer vigil out of state, I'd be happy to meet with you in person, in private, to share with you clear, indisputable evidence that these cited policy violations are completely false.

I would never participate in any endeavor which included my uniform without the Sheriffs blessing. Not only did he grant permission, but he spoke personally with the owners of both corporations that I endorsed and clarified to them that I had his blessing to endorse their company in uniform. There are associated emails, etc, which clearly verify the truth. I never filled out an SLSO form titled "Application for Secondary Employment" because, as PIO, my chain of command went directly to the Chief and the Sheriff himself and he approved my secondary employment in person and via emails. Further, the Sheriff advised me early on... in April of last year... when I was initially approached by a television production studio and offered a reality show... that I had his blessing to use my uniform at my own discretion and good judgement in order to earn for my family, in my off time, just as most cops do across the country, working for corporations or dances or schools or concerts etc, as security guards or escorts. Cops everywhere wear their uniform, gear and badge to earn additional income from non-governmental entities. It's perfectly legal and referred to as secondary employment.

Regarding my language, I've spoken my mind on Crime Stoppers productions every week for over a year in the same manner. A person would have to be in a coma not to know that. Ask yourself partner... why was it a problem all of a sudden, at that time, days after the airing of the Gremlins video that was requested by the Sheriffs own son on behalf of LSP and approved no doubt by LSP chain of command in Baton Rouge. The Sheriffs son was present at filming, representing the State Police. He observed the entire production, which was approved every step of the way by my Sheriff himself over the course of the five days it took me to coordinate the entire production effort, which was massive and supported by every LE agency in the parish as well as Vermillion Parish S.O., Abbeville PD and the U.S. Marshalls.

Further, the production was specifically approved unanimously by a meeting of the CS board of directors on the Tuesday evening prior to filming, and the production itself took several hours... at SLSO HQ, just yards from the Sheriffs office. Everyone knew the language and style that I would use to make our message clear because it was the same language and style that I had used for a year prior... in every single CS production. In fact, during actual production, the Sheriffs son asked me to edit out or replace some specific words that he was uncomfortable with... which I did... I changed the script on the spot.

I haven't responded publicly to the false attacks against me because it is beneath me to alter my path over the gnashing of teeth. My heart is broken for my Sheriff, whom I love and served faithfully, because he has suffered a colossal failure of judgement and now he reaps the whirlwind of his own creation.

You see, Mr. Veillon, I just could not comply with the Sheriffs orders without assuming the posture of surrender... to forces of darkness... that his orders would implicate. I resigned... after a week of solitude and resolute prayer... as a matter of principle, as a matter of faith.

I will never say a disparaging word about my Sheriff, but I will quietly speak the truth. I have only responded to you Sir because you seem to reflect the character of a reasonable man and the opinions of my fellow Americans should be guided by the truth. I can't say why my Sheriff assumed the posture that he did, I can only speculate... but it most certainly was in response to some unknown degree of heat brought about by the Gremlins video. The charges against me that surfaced afterwards are smoke, damage control, the grasping of straws.

I continue to love and respect my Sheriff, who is yet... despite his chosen posture of surrender and despite his attacks against me... a good man, with a good heart. I know that the Lord will reveal his intent for me. I have a sorrowful heart not for myself, but for the Sheriff that now suffers the weight of his own despair, and for the citizens of St. Landry Parish.

Mr. Veillion, I am a failed and fallen sinner. I have made many horrible choices in my life and I have caused pain and suffering to those I love. My life is replete with error and I have spent the last 15 years seeking my own redemption. I begin each day from bended knee with perfect intent and I lay my head each night knowing that in some way I have failed. Yet the next day begins again, once more into the fray, an imperfect man driven by perfect intent. I am not always certain that I've done the right thing, but my resignation was centered directly within Gods will. His will be done.

Clay Higgins

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