Well, this was different.

Like you, I too have seen many exits at weddings and some are way more creative than others, but I have never seen this one.

A couple that just promised to live the rest of their lives together were set on FIRE as they exited from their wedding.

We have seen couples use rice, bubbles, sparklers, etc for their sendoff, but never have I seen a couple walk out while on FIRE!

TikTok via Russ Powell
TikTok via Russ Powell

The bride and groom are apparently both stunt people, thus that is why they went to the extreme for their exit.

A person with a fire extinguisher followed them and was quick to extinguish the flames when it was time.

My only concern now is that a coupe will try to do this that isn't trained for this type of "stunt" and things may not end so well.

Check out this wild video!!! And please, DO NOT try this!


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