Reverend C.L. Bryant joined 'Mornings With ken and Bernie' to discuss Governor Bobby Jindal's proposal to eliminate Louisiana's personal income tax.  Bryant said that Governor Jindal should rethink his proposal.  According to Reverend Bryant,

80 percent of those that are below the poverty level will be most affected by the Governor's plan.

Bryant went on to say,

Considering the Governor is proposing eliminating personal income and replacing revenues with higher sales taxes under the guise of attracting new businesses to the state you have to ask 'at what cost'.  Here in Louisiana there is a very thin line that people live on.  We're looking at the reality of economics.   When you're talking about a proposal that may cost the average family with a yearly income of $12,000 approximately $360 you're talking about serious consequences.

According to Reverend Bryant,

The Governor has his sights set on national office and he'd better consider the pain he will be causing here in Louisiana with this tax proposal.

We also discussed gun rights and you can listen to the entire interview here:audio://|titles=CL Bryant 011813]