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The End of Roe v. Wade

Abortion Sign
Photo from unsplash via Maria Oswalt

In what is arguably the most meaningful decision the Supreme Court has handed down since, well, Roe v. Wade was decided, the Supreme Court's conservative majority overturned both Roe and Casey, the two decisions that extended the inferred right to privacy to include abortions. Declaring that the Constitution does not provide for a right to abortion, the Supreme Court has sent the issue back to the states to allow them to regulate abortion as the people see fit. You can see President Joe Biden's reaction here.

The ruling does mean abortions are no longer allowed in Louisiana. Planned Parenthood has notified its operations in several states to stop providing abortions in the wake of the decision.

Law Firm Fires Second Amendment Lawyers Who Won Before The Court

The two attorneys who argued the Bruen case before the Supreme Court and won one of the biggest Second Amendment cases in years were subsequently fired by their law firm.

The Kirkland & Ellis demarche to Clement requiring him to abandon his clients or leave the law firm is particularly troubling. Clement was involved in defending a core Constitutional right in a climate where RightThinking™ people disagree with this right. If there was ever a time when an ethical (lolol) law firm should take a case, it should be when an unpopular right or freedom is under assault. The craven cowardice of Kirkland & Ellis, in this case, is not unprecedented. The same thing happened during the losing battle Western Civilization fought against homosexual marriage. Law firms dropped cases defending actual marriage. Lawyers who litigated on behalf of sanity were ostracized.

While we must acknowledge that Kirkland & Ellis is in business to make money for their partners, we can’t be blind to what this means. It means that the number of lawyers willing to take on Second Amendment cases will shrink, and the quality of those lawyers along with it. It means that when men like Clement retire, there will not be a generation to succeed them. It means that young and talented lawyers will be reluctant to enter a field of practice that effectively limits their economic prospects.

CNBC Is Done With Biden's Lies

The business network has been increasingly critical of the Biden administration's rhetoric on the economy and, in particular, the energy crisis. But now they are not holding back at all. Watch this clip.

Headlines of the Day

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Tweet of the Day

Hurricane Preparation, What Are the Items You Didn't Think Of?

When there is word that a hurricane might threaten the Gulf Coast, we start thinking about what items we need to make life bearable if we end up stuck at home without electricity and internet.
In addition to these creature comforts, we also need to think about the many things that we would need to take with us if we are forced to evacuate.
While we all immediately think of things like prescription medicines and important papers, there are other things that can come in handy whether we will be stuck at home, at a relative's house, or in a shelter.

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