Can you get a ticket for running a stop sign in a parking lot? While obviously, it's dangerous and reckless to do so, is it a ticketable offense?


(Editor's Note - Whether this a ticketable offense or not, we are in no way advocating the running of stop signs in parking lots. Doing so is incredibly dangerous to you and everyone around you.)

Can You Get a Ticket for Running a Stop Sign in a Parking Lot?

With so many large shopping centers around Lafayette and Acadiana, you've certainly encountered quite a few stop signs as you navigate through various parking lots.

The parking lot stop signs are there for good reasons.

They help to protect pedestrians as they cross from the parking lot to the store, as well as help traffic stay at a slower, safer speed to prevent crashes.

It's never a good idea to run a stop sign no matter where you are. Aside from getting a costly ticket from law enforcement, you could seriously injure someone, yourself, or worse.

Clearly, we know that running a stop sign is against the law, but what about in private parking lots?


According to Collin Christopher Murphy, a drug crime attorney via -

"Anyone can put up a stop sign on their property, but that doesn't mean it's a violation to pass it, obviously it has to be placed by an official party. If you are in a private lot, it's a good idea to stop anyway, because other people (like this guy) are probably using it as a guide."

The right thing to do is observe the parking lot stop signs, but can you actually be fined for not stopping?

Laws vary from state to state, but in speaking with a trusted source in law enforcement, here's what we found out.

In Louisiana, it is not a ticketable offense to run a stop sign in a parking lot of a private business, shopping center, etc.

However, any offense caused as a result of running the stop sign is ticketable and punishable by local law enforcement.

If you were to hit a pedestrian, crash into another vehicle, cause damage to the property, or anything along those lines, you will be ticketed or arrested accordingly.

Louisiana Driving Laws

The bottom line? Don't run stop signs no matter where they are. Understand, there's always a really good reason why they're there in the first place.

Always watch out for the other fella...

Read more about what types of traffic fines exist in Louisiana over at

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