Congressman Bill Cassidy joined 'Geaux Acadiana' with Ken Romero and Mark Pope yesterday to discuss the recent elections, the endorsement by Col. Rob Manes and the Keystone Pipeline project.

We first commented that it was reassuring to see that Cassidy and Maness recently met over dinner with their wives and it looked like they could combine forces to oust Senator Mary Landrieu. To that Congressman Cassidy replied,

With Colonel Maness throwing his support with us...that puts an emphasis that we will be united, if you will, putting the exclamation mark behind what the rest of the country has already said, we reject Barack Obama's agenda.

Moving to Senator Mary Landrieu's latest efforts to keep her seat we noted that the Democrats in Congress were implying they were planning to call a vote on the Keystone Pipeline to illustrate the clout of Landrieu's position and Cassidy said,

It's easy to be cynical and say Harry Reid (Senator) has not cared for the 40,000 jobs to be created by the Keystone XL pipeline but he does care about Mary Landrieu's job. In order to save Landrieu's job he's finally going to let 40,000 families have prosperity.

Cassidy went on to say,

We will pass it in the House. I can promise you that will create pressure for Reid to actually let it happen in the Senate and then, by God, if it doesn't, by the way she can't do it, really doesn't care, just wants to talk about it, can't get it passed. With a Republican led Senate we will override Barack Obama's veto.

Cassidy has introduced a bill in the House to be voted on this week that would allow the Keystone Pipline to be built.


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