The family of the dead Boston Marathon bombing suspect this week anxiously awaited results from the autopsy stating his cause of death.  I personally don't get it.  News reports said he was shot numerous times and run over by his accomplice brother and that's good enough for me.

I guess the coroner has to make a living but if you have video of a person being shot more times than you can count and then he's run over by his coward brother that should prove cause of death.  Cold as it may sound I don't care why he's dead I'm just satisfied that he no longer is walking American soil and wasting taxpayer money.  For years this ingrate was using our tax dollars to survive and if he were not dead he would have been locked up for life probably and we would have paid for room and board until his natural death.

I'm glad he's gone but now the question is 'what do you do with the remains?'.  Peter Stefan the funeral home director hired by the family is quoted as saying,

Everybody deserves a dignified burial service no matter the circumstances of his or her death.

I wonder if Mr. Stefan would have those sentiments if a family member of his was killed by this lunatic?  Dignified burial?  I think we should ship his body back to his homeland at family expense and let them deal with the problem.  I don't think he should be buried anywhere in America.  He hated this country and it's people so much he plotted and killed innocent lives so why should we grant him permanent residency?

I won't even start on what I think about the surviving brother.  I'll save that topic for some future time.

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