Driving a car is one of the single most thrilling experiences a person can have. Don't you remember the nervousness, excitement, and flat-out fear you felt the first time you were behind the wheel of a car?

Well, new laws that go into effect in Louisiana on September the 4th shouldn't take away any of those emotions that come with driving a car, but they should make it easier for driving schools to educate our state's newest motorists.

Beginning September 4th anyone who wants to take a driver's education course will first need to go to the Office of Motor Vehicles and obtain a Temporary Instruction Permit. The permit will only be valid for the time the learning driver is actually enrolled in the course. The permit would only be valid for class time driving and the student driver may drive any other car other than the instructional vehicle.

The idea behind the program is to legitimize each student. In other words, the OMV will record the birth certificate and other information about the driver. That way the information is already on file when the student driver is ready to become a licensed driver.


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